...people say artistic ability is something you either have or you don't... that artists are born with an inherent capacity to paint or sculpt or design. Others say it's a skill earned by hard work. I guess both may be true to some extent... For me, it was an opportunity that came when I was nineteen through disciplined and passionate instructors, self-sacrificing peers, and the charitable donations of a lot of people I'll never meet. It was a gift from a loving Heavenly Father who sent me to an obscure town in Idaho, to people who taught me how to see in a way I couldn't see before.

While taking a painting class from Leon Parson at BYU-Idaho, I met James and we became friends. Four years later, with some encouragement from our painting teacher, we started dating and soon were engaged. There are a lot of perks to marrying an artist. When I get frustrated with my paintings sometimes I can get him to take my brushes and work on the rough spots for a minute. On road trips we're equally anxious to stop for photos all along the way, and he appreciates it when I make stir fry in a split complimentary, full value color scheme. After having lived in Rexburg, Idaho, Monument Valley, Utah, and St. Joseph, Missouri, we're happy to finally be settling down in my hometown of Kalispell, Montana with our three little ones- Eden, Ember, and Eli.


Brigham Young University-Idaho                                 
Bachelor of Fine Art -Illustration                      
Bachelor of Art -Art Education Composite

Glacier Going Back; Two person Show, Whitefish, MT 2017  
Brush Creek Art Walk Show 2016
Bluff Art Festival, Bluff, UT, 2015
Member's Salon - Hockaday Museum of Art, 2013, 2015
Miniatures Exhibition - Hockaday Museum of Art, 2014
88th Annual Springville Salon - Springville Museum, 2012
BFA Exhibit -The Peoples Story: A Preview of                                 
a Story of the American People-  Jacob Spori Gallery, 2010  

Adjunct/Online Instructor, BYUI, 2012-2014                    
Teacher, General Art - 2D course, BYUI, Winter 2010